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Starting from the assumption that the students have mastered the basic requirements predicted by the curriculum in the 1st grade, this coursebook for the second grade students presents a logical continuation. It is not necessary for the students to pass through all compositions to make us believe that they have mastered the given music material. By sticking to the principle of double fingering, both students and teachers can master the compositions in an easy way. It is necessary to emphasize that the oGered fingering is not the only correct one, and that is why I want to direct all dear colleagues towards the wide field of research in this area, with a necessary caution, so that the students would always put their hands on the manuals correctly. Besides the fingering, alt the compositions have the tempo markings, basic dynamic markings, registers and bellows markings. Certain changes are possible regarding registers as well, but exclusively to those from the same group. The bellows markings are, in my opinion, the most rational ones, although some changes are still possible, of course with sticking to the basic principles of work on a phrase. The selection of compositions which can be found in this coursebook continues the tradition of the “songful accordion”, which, in my opinion, becomes one of the key factor of love towards music, and, above everything, of joy and pleasure of performing music on the accordion. The richness of polyphonic melodies, and, above everything the quality of their performance, should create the basis for young talents and be the initial point for academic performing the music on the instrument. I am thankful to professor Poznic Danijela for her great assistance in making of this course-book.

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