Bratislav Manasijevic


 Bratislav Manasijevic, is a professor and performer on both piano and button accordion and the piano as well. He specializes in classical, balkan, and many popular musical styles. 
Bratislav Manasijevic was born in 1978 in Vranje, Serbia. At the age of 7, his father brought an accordion to a New Years party. Bratislav had never heard his father play before and he stayed close to the instrument all evening. That night, he couldn't sleep and couldn't think of anything but the accordion! He told his parents that he wanted to attend music school and learn to play.
Bratislav attended both elementary and secondary music school at the
Stevan Mokranjac School in Vranje, Serbia. His main accordion teacher was Dr. Jaško Ramic. He graduated in 1997 and in 1999 took over teaching Dr. Ramic’s elementary and secondary students at the Mokranjac School.
Throughout his education, Bratislav entered accordion competitions, here is a sample of his results. Competitions He prepared his students to compete also. They won over 100 International prizes and here are some of their results. Students
In 2004, Bratislav completed college at the Music Academy in Accordion Performance in East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the class of Dr. Zoran Rakic. Dr. Rakic is revered as one of the best accordion professors in the World. In 2012, Bratislav enrolled his Masters, also studying with Dr. Rakic.
He continued to teach throughout his own education and augmented his own studies by participating in master classes with world renowned accordion masters/professors. Master Classes
Bratislav has been a judge in accordion competitions worldwide – most notably the 62nd Accordion Trophy Mondiale, World Accordion Championship, held in Spokane, WA and the 66th Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championship, held in Victoria BC, Canada. He finds it an honor to sit among some of his mentors and people who were judges when he himself competed. Here are some of the competitions he’s worked on as a judge. Judge
In 2012 Bratislav was voted for "The most successful accordion teacher" by the expert committee at the Akordeon Art Festival  The festival featured 70 teachers representing 15 European countries.  
Since 2014, Bratislav has lived, taught and performed in Florida, USA.


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