prof. Petar Maric

World Accordion Champion

Petar Marić was born in Serbia (Belgrade) in 1990. Petar encountered accordion for the first time at the age of 5 and his music education began in "Dr.Vojislav Vučković" music school, a famous music school in Belgrade, under professor Aleksandar Nikolić with whom he still often shares concert podiums around the world. After having finished elementary and secondary music education, Petar went to France (Paris) where he continued his professional improvement in the area of variété music in cooperation with professor Frederic Deschamps and professor Franck Angelis, one of the most famous and influential professors in the world of accordion. Petar is currently completing his education in Slovakia (Bratislava) under eminent professor Tibor Racz.

Petar is the winner of the biggest international competitions for accordion players, such as:

 -CIA Coupe Mondiale (World champion title), Norway - 2006 (Junior category, field: classical music)

-Internationaler akkordeon wettbewerb Klingenthal, Germany - 2009 (Senior category, field: variété music)

-CMA Trophee Mondiale (World champion title) Portugal - 2009 (Senior category, field: classical music)

 -Citta Di Castelfidardo, Italy – 2009 (Senior category, field: classical and variété music)

 -CIA Coupe Mondiale (Double world champion title), Croatia - 2010 (Senior category, field: classical and variété music)

 -CIA Coupe Mondiale (World champion title), Italy - 2012 (Electronic music category).

- Primus Ikaalinen, Finland – 2014 (Popular Music)

By winning in the electronic music category performed on accordion, Petar became the first contestant in the 65 years of the world cup who managed to achieve four wins, thus also confirming his champion position and an absolute domination in the world stage in all music types.

Petar has received the highest awards in the field of culture, such as 'Beogradski anđeo (Angel from Belgrade)', awarded by Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade, the Medallion of Stari grad municipality for musical contributions, Crown Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic Charter and many others.

Apart from classical music originally written for accordion or transcriptions for compositions written for other instruments, Petar also plays a large number of virtuoso-compositions from the variété genre consisting of music from different countries and of different styles, enabling this world-class young artist to show the audience all the attraction and possibilities of accordion as an instrument. Apart from classical and variété music, the young artist's wide repertoire offers something new and original: electronic accordion and electronic sound presenting the instrument from a new perspective, which will be even more present in the future.

Petar's love for accordion, extraordinary talent, musicality and domination on the stage have made him heard and remembered all around the world:  in Finland, Norway, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Malta, Austria, France, Greece, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, United States of America...  

Petar Marić plays on, and is official promoter of, the following accordion brands: Scandalli-Extreme, Hohner-Fun Flash and Roland-Fr8x.

Languages: Serbian, English, Portuguese