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Nikola Zarić, Accordion Teacher, Styles: Balkan, Classical, Jazz, World music & Variety.

Languages: Serbian, German & English


Nikola Zarić, whose parents are originally from the Serbian Republic (Bosnia & Herzegovina), was born in Vienna. Since the age of seven he has been in an inseparable relationship with his instrument – accordion.

As a student, Nikola has always been a big admirer and follower of Professor Jovica Radosavljević. Nikola studied in a few conservatories like Gustav Mahler and Franz Schubert where Radosavljević used to work. Currently Nikola is a graduate student in “Vienna Conservatory”. Thanks to numerous concerts in middle and east Europe and close cooperation with huge names in the music business, Nikola owns an big universality which is both virtuoso-folk and classic-concert oriented. In 2014, with the band “Donauwellenreiter” and Australian Jazz-Accordion Klause Paier, Nikola opened the big Accordion Festival in Vienna. Two years later, he also played in the gala night of this manifestation with his accordion quartet called “Belofour”.

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with Nikola Zarić, Accordion Teacher

with Nikola Zarić, Accordion Teacher

with Danijela Rakic, Accordion Teacher

with Danijela Rakic, Accordion Teacher

Accordion Book 1st Grade, Dr. Zoran Rakic, PhD
  • Accordion Book 1st Grade, Dr. Zoran Rakic, PhD
  • Accordion Book 1st Grade, Dr. Zoran Rakic, PhD
  • Accordion Book 1st Grade, Dr. Zoran Rakic, PhD
  • Accordion Book 1st Grade, Dr. Zoran Rakic, PhD
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The raising of the art of playing music on the accordion to an academic level should be the task of every student and teacher. In accordance with contemporary tendencies in the world of accordion, I have tried to put both types of the instrument in an equal position (button and piano accordion). In this Coursebook, there is a diverse music material which offers the teacher the opportunity to select the compositions for a successful mastering of the curriculum. The last part of this book, 􏰇Small Vir􏰃􏰄oso􏰈, has been enriched and expanded in this edition. It isintended primarily to students for additional lessons. I want to emphasize that it is not compulsory for a student to pass through literarily all compositions to make us believe that he or she has mastered the given music material. In the teaching process, special attention should be paid to bellows and how to drive it. The use of bellows in the art of performance on the accordion is adequate to the use of bow in string instruments. The performing of music on the instrument is not the quality one without a good driving of bellows. In the sheet music for the right hand, two fingerings have been given 􏰉 above the musical text for the button accordion (both the scheme of the right manual and the fingering have been given for the instruments with B-griff) and below it for the piano accordion. In my opinion, the most rational fingering has been given, although it should not be considered as the only one which is correct. Regarding the button accordion, the suggested fingering surely enables a correct setting of the right hand on the manual and it contains the most contemporary tendencies which exist and are developed in Europe and Russia. I am 􏰃hankf􏰄l 􏰃o professor Raki􏰁 Danijela for her assis􏰃ance in making of 􏰃his co􏰄rsebook. Dr. Zoran Rakic, PhD

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with Dr. Zoran Rakic, Accordion Teacher

with Dr. Zoran Rakic, Accordion Teacher

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with Vladimir Obradovic, Accordion Teacher

with Vladimir Obradovic, Accordion Teacher

Ricardo Bona, é acordeonista, professor de música

choro, jazz, tango e música popular brasileira

Ricardo Bona é acordeonista, professor de música, compositor e graduado pela Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Ricardo completou sua tese na Usp sob orientação do Prof Doutor Ivan Vilela, com a seguinte pesquisa “Transmissão oral e o ensino de acordeon” Estudou no Conservatório da AWM com Álvaro Couto e na Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo, com Guilherme Ribeiro e Josué dos Santos.Ricardo teve aulas com renomados artistas como Oswaldinho do Acordeon,ToninhoFerragutti e Chico Chagas. Sua primeira banda de forro foi uma banda de amigos que se chamava “Forro de gaia” que o estimulou a tocar Acordeon. Depois de decidir mudar-se pra São Paulo para fazer faculdade de música foi convidado para uma turnê de São Joao com a banda Rastape a qual permaneceu como músico free lance por quase 3 anos. Em seguida produziu e gravou o DVD da Banda Kanavia “. 

Eu ensino em: português, espanhol e inglês.

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with Maestro Petar Maric

with Maestro Petar Maric

with Predrag Raimovic, Balkan Master

with Predrag Raimovic, Balkan Master

with Sinisa Ljubojevic, Accordion Teacher

with Sinisa Ljubojevic, Accordion Teacher

prof. Aca Nikolic Brajic

Dugmetarska harmonika, Balkan & Klasicna harmonika

 Čak tri puta je bio „Prva harmonika Soko Banje” i to 2004, 2005 i 2010. godine. Sa osam godina kao najmljađi takmičar, 2004. godine, sovojio je titulu prvaka Srbije u Soko Banji i kao nagradu dobio Rolland harmoniku.
    •    Tri puta je bio pobednik na međunarodnom takmičenju „Beogradski pobednik”.
    •    Pobednik na takmičenju „Ex Yu” u Bijeljini.
    •    Pobednik na „Oplenačkoj berbi” u Topoli.

Prof. Aca Nikolic Brajic

Prof. Aca Nikolic Brajic

Dr. Jasko Ramic, Piano Accordion Teacher, Styles: Balkan (Serbian, Romanian, Macedonia, Bulgaria)

Accordion professor & composer

Jasko Ramic, PhD was born in Serbia. He received his higher degree at the Russian National Academy of Music "Gnjesinih" Master Studies and Doctoral studies ("Ornamentation in Serbian and Balkan music in general"). He was actively attending composition and conducting classes. He started teaching in 1991 since 1999 in the Public Music School "Stevan Mokranjac", Vranje, Serbia. His Ex students are very known Accordionists and Teachers in the Accordion World. Some of them are Stanislav Jusufovic, Predrag Raimovic and Bratislav Manasijevic. 

In 1999 Dr. Jasko Ramic moved to Paris where he performs 
Balkan, French, Jewish, Arabic and many other styles. He spent some time working on a university research on Gypsy music.

Dr. Jasko Ramic is a teacher at Accordion Online Academy Worldwide and gives lessons of Balkan's traditional music (Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Macedonian and Gypsy music).

Languages: Serbian, Russian, French

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sa Dr. Jaškom Ramićem

sa Dr. Jaškom Ramićem

with Bratislav Manasijevic, Accordion Teacher

with Bratislav Manasijevic, Accordion Teacher

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Student's Video Reviews

Student's Video Reviews

Here's what some of Bratislav's students and colleagues have to say: 


   Bratislav is an accordionist who versatility as a musician is rarely seen.  Fully trained in Classical music at a young age, giving him full technical abilities, and later trained in the world of Folk music from the Balkan's; the most difficult Folk music on earth in my opinion.  Most importantly, he has the ability to improvise, the most important trait a musician can have.  Adaptable, Versatile, and a Master player.  To combine all this, he is as good of a person that one can find in any trade.  I give my highest recommendation to Bratislav Manasijevic. 


  Cory Pesaturo 



   For the past two years I have been fortunate enough to study with one of the best accordion teachers around. Bratislav is a true master of his instrument and also possess the kind of patience, sensitivity, and understanding that is required to teach skillfully. I would recommend Bratislav to anyone that is looking to improve not just at their instrument, but also their ability to listen and appreciate music in any form. 


   Monty Kerson 


   I saw a student of Bratislav play Balkan style accordion last year in Seattle. I said to one of my friends; "This guy must be from Serbia or Bulgaria, his playing is amazing..." 


It turns out he is an American! Two weeks later, I had my first Skype lesson with Bratislav. I was a little nervous, a little intimidated by the technical virtuousity and feared I wouldn't measure up. Bratislav instantly put me at ease with his kindness and clear teaching. After 10 months, I've made great progress and am working on pieces that are both beautiful musically and would have been over my head before. 


   Scott Adams 


   "I’m truly grateful for opportunity to have Bratislav as my teacher. Not only is he passionate about playing, but his true love comes out in his teaching. He is truly respectful and has great ability to motivate. He understands what skill levels you have and will shape them for you to become a better musician no matter if you are beginner or professional. 


What I found amazing is that he took me as a student when I was 31 years old with almost no musical background and was able to not only teach me how to play the accordion but at the same time fall in love with the instrument. 


I’m looking forward to continue this existing venture as I truly enjoy playing the accordion and having Bratislav as my teacher. 
120 Bass Piano Accordion" 


    Pero Ivezic 


   I finished primary music school in the class of the professor Bratislav Manasijevic.  From my personal experience I can say that professor Bratislav Manasijevic is an extraordinary musician, professor  and even better man. As a musician he is versatile and equally good in different genre. His greatest qualities are emphasized competitive spirit and selfless support towards his students. His ability to pass on love for music and all of his gathered knowledge to his students payed off and many prizes were won on international competitions. It is my honour and pleasure to say that I was his student. Greetings! 


   Zorana Tanic 


   To give you a little background I'm in the piano business  going on 40 years... A couple years ago I started to play piano accordion  locally and really fell in love with the instrument. Last November I acquired a button accordion and thru a colleague in the industry  was referred  To Mr. Bratislav. Let's call him Mr. B for now... 


I wasn't sure if the Skype lesson would work for me..... But it really does! I'm from Connecticut and I don't think there's anybody in My state teaching chromatic accordion.... Innoway it's  it turns out skype is more private because I'm in my comfort of my house and  my teacher is in the comfort of his! 
 I've been taking lessons with Mr. B on the chromatic going on five months and think he's a genius! 
It's been a big transition going from piano accordion to chromatic ! 


I don't consider myself  Musician because I work on Pianos but I do love music and to go from working on the piano keyboard for  40 years ... Then to learn the chromatic keyboard is painfully difficult as it's a new language to me... Mr B through his generosity , patience and level of  teaching skills ..... Never mind to include his love of music got me playing  button accordion !    He is amazing !! 


It's very important to get a passionate teacher.... And let's face it some people are just much better at what they can offer than other people in the same industry. I get calls daily from people that want to sell their  pianos because they can't play their instruments ....I say why not ? they think it's them .....I said you never had the right teacher! Sure you have to practice somewhat .... And I'll be the first to tell you I am a little lazy... 
But the right teacher with the right methods will get you there much faster whereas maybe in some cases you'll never get there at all ....! 
Mr B is worth his weight in gold!  and Recommend sign up while you can !! 


"Mr B " is fabulous ! 


Shawn Hoar 


   My name is Stefan Kalajdzic and I am a current student at Academy of Music in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
 In 2005 I began playing accordion in Bratislav Manasijevic’s class. In 2006 we made first success together - I won first prize in regional competition in Loznica (Serbia). From that moment until 2010, I took part in more than 15 international competitions including Murska Sobota (Slovenia) where I won second prize. 
 Bratislav is the biggest professional I have seen in my life, the man who taught me the meaning of hard work and pure passion. 


Stefan Kalajdzic 


   I can tell you few things about Bratislav. 


He is my accordion teacher for about 9 months now. I like to call him professor or maestro. :):) 


I started with a basic training and without knowledge of the notes or how to read them. Bratislav is very calm and patient with me and his classes are very easy to follow. Before I started working with Bratislav I had doubt about how is this going to work taking online classes and everything but after first class my doubts are gone. He was very patient and video chat or Skype worked really well. He was and still is very helpful with any question that I have. Videos that he send after every class are very good and easy to follow and if I had any questions after the class he would jump on Skype and answer them for me. 


My most important thing with Bratislav  is that he LOVES music and he loves teaching people to play accordion! He is always very helpful with a scheduling classes and working around my work and personal life time. I am very happy that I met Bratislav and he will be my teacher as long as he wants me to be his student! 


   Dragan Sarenac 


   To me it' s a real honor to present you my former teacher Bratislav Manasavljević, who provided me with basic knowledge for further development of my musical skills, and with whom I achieved extraordinary results. What charasterizes him is his unique feeling for music and his knowledge of many different music genres. He is good at playing and teaching both piano accordion and the button accordion. He's very ambitious, enthusiastic and utterly dedicated to his students. He's an accomplished man both in private and professional sense. 


   Sinisa Ljubojevic

Adaptable, Versatile, and a Master player. ”

Cory Pesaturo

"Enjoy Life, Play The Accordion", prof. Bratislav Manasijevic

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